Kloster Johannisberg | Wedding Hochzeit

Kloster Johannisberg | Wedding Hochzeit

What an exceptional family. A day full of love, emotion and tears.

Free wedding ceremony at Kloster Johannisberg.

The night before, it had rained the amount of 3 months within one hour and the whole region had almost drowned in water and layers of hail … at the end of May … no one expected this.

So when we met at 8:30 am this morning at the monastery “Kloster Johannisberg” the sun and a light breeze made this day a perfect day for a white wedding.

The free ceremony setup outside overlooking the vin-yards in both West and East, the perfect setup and many brides dream.

The bad-weather location was set up inside in the monasteries old chapel, just in case.

Before the ceremony the couple and I went to photograph into the vineyards, as backdrop we had the Rhine valley underneath the breathtaking towering dark clouds and a few roaring thunders.

The dark cloud front moved across to the other side of the Rhine and we all happily agreed, Yes, it´s gone, YES!!!

At 14:55, 5 minutes before the start of the ceremony, the first thick rain drops fell and everyone chipped in to move the whole ceremony setup from outside into the chapel, while the bride waited for her dad to bring her to the altar.

The ceremony, held by the wonderful Simone Braun, was quite emotional, filled with happy laughter and many grateful tears by old and young and the extended families. Even the children sobbed, one after the other – contagious tears.

Later we had the formal photos outside under the huge umbrellas in the gardens of Kloster Johannisberg and to round it all up the “all-guests-photo” in the massive beautifully decorated church of the monastery, that I love to much.

It was an intense day and quite late.






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