During my professional career within Germany, Europe, London, Latin America and other places around the world, working as a 16 and 35 mm


camera assistant to various film productions and photographers worldwide, I did plenty of event- and people shoots in both analog and digital photography.

It is my passion. I consider myself extremely lucky to love my work.

I always carry a camera with me. Be it during school run or on horse back through the Andes. Anywhere I could bump into this very special moment or see the awesome

Streak of light

In fact I have taken boxes filled with black & white film, negatives, color slides, hard disks full of captured life, faces, portraits, moods and people, catalogued and I remember all and each moment as if it was yesterday. Shots, being taken, fearless and regardless of any guards, rules and obstacles.

It all started, when I lived in Latin America I was a private photographer at several amazing weddings to friends of mine, until one day I realized this is what I wanted to do, only this … because …

Wedding photography

sums it all up: joy, wonderful moments, the most in-expectable different and interesting people, caught together in one event, emotion, un-known, happiness. I am honored to be part of it and capture it all, from tiny details – moments between moments – split seconds – to big magic moments, that express the essence of a couple – their big day – their guests and families.

I cannot imagine anything more full-filling and challenging than being the personal photographer for two wonderful people who have elected me.

Whatever I do, I always give you all.

I am looking forward to

hearing from you.



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