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Photographic assignments around the world

Besides photography, my second passion is adventure travel, to conquer limitations, experience new places, cultures, people, food, music and when it has to do with horses, I am instantly hooked.


I´ve sat on a horse around the same time when I had my first point-and-shoot, equally followed both during my life. I have had the incredible childhood “school” of sitting in the hay trough next to the horses watching them feed away before I went off to school, bareback riding and breaking horses, just as you start riding a bike, later a pair of certificates of “Intelligent horsemanship” in the UK, working in race yards and polo clubs in the UK, then polo ponies training in Argentina, and working with horses there, in the UK and Germany.


I left England with my husband to live in Argentina and I was so blown away: everywhere were horses roaming free and beautifully, there is so much space, so much landscape and such an immense sky, thunderstorms that make all European ones look like Kindergarden, nature so strong and pure, that set the relation human – earth back into perspective.

Once you have experienced this, it is just natural to keep on seeking for spaces that inspire, that leave your soul in awe about the beauty of the world we live in.

I walked across million-years-old fossiles, picking up bern-stein along the way, as it was shining in the sun, skeletons of sea-stars, that were unearthed by the elements, but millions and millions of years old. I found dinosaurs bones and plants that survive in the driest of places on earth, I have overcome altitude sickness, chewing bags of coca leaves, to take photographs of the last Chilean flamingos at 4300 m altitude in the Atacama desert, I have climbed steep rock edges to take that one photo of the sunset on the volcanos, surrounding the Atacama, and crawled back on all fours with a nightmare vertigo, I have sat under an umbrella shooting hundreds of photos of a massive thunderstorms lightnings in Brasil, to get just this one perfect shot of that lighting bolt, during New Years night. I have frozen off my feet on horseback in the far “End of the World” South of Patagonia on a horsetrekk, to find the herds of roaming mustangs, frozen handed shot photos while leading the horse across beaver dams that blocked our way… I could go on but I won´t …. ask me when we meet.

We then came back to Europe, Germany, and although I do love Europe, there is always this urge to feel the heartbeat of the Unknown, the adrenaline of the unplanned and unforeseen, deep in my heart.

This summer, 2015, I am booked as the official photographer for the longest and toughest horse-race on the planet: the Mongol Derby. 1000 km in 10 days, 40 riders on semi-wild horses out on the Mongolian Steppe.

Which is actually not just demanding on the horses, but they are being taken care of really well by a big group of international vets, but quite tough on the riders, so only a few very dedicated and almost crazy folks are taking part, as they have been admitted to participate. And even less reach the finishing line after 1000 km tough riding.

Once this assignment starts this August, I will add a special gallery for this event, to keep you all updated. During race I will only be able to send one or two photos out daily via satellite phone, as I am going to be on the steppe without wifi or else connection to civilisation for weeks, but meanwhile you may follow me on twitter (@saskiamarloh) or follow the organizers of the derby, the Adventurists directly here. @theadventurists.

To get an idea, have a peak at the trailer of the fourthcoming feature length documentary “All the wild horses”, shot during the derby 2013 in Mongolia by my brother Ivo Marloh.

As you might imagine, I am soooo excited and cannot wait for August to come.


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