How it all started

My passion for wedding photography.

During my professional career within Germany, London, Latin America and other places around the world, working as a 16 and 35 mm film camera assistant to various film productions and photographers worldwide, I did plenty of event- and people shoots in both analog and digital photography.

What some thought was boring technique and tedious rules about ISO, f-stops and split-seconds to me is my passion. I consider myself extremely lucky to love my work.

I always carry a camera with me. Be it during school run or on horse back through the Andes. Anywhere I could bump into this very special moment or unreal light-angle.

As a student I designed a handbag with a hole in it so I could take photos without people noticing and to not disturb special moments. In fact I have taken boxes filled with black & white film, negatives, color slides, hard disks full of captured life, faces, portraits, moods and people, catalogued and I remember all and each moment as if it was yesterday. Shots, being taken, fearless and regardless of any guards, rules and obstacles. So, now you know the pure truth, I am always truly happy to carry the weight, whichever distance I might have to.

It started, when I lived in Latin America I was a private photographer at several beautiful weddings in South America to friends of mine, until one day it clicked and I realized this is what I needed to do, because…. …

Wedding photography for me sums it all up: joy, wonderful moments, the most inexpectable different and interesting people, caught together in one pure event, full of emotion, divertness and happiness. I feel honored to be allowed to capture it all, from the tiny details to the moments between moments, these split seconds, that express the essence of a couple, their big day, their guests and families.

I love technical challenges and every new part of my workflow is a new achievement, that empowers me even more to create what I have in my inner mind in an image.

I never stop learning and working on getting better.

Sometimes I am being asked about awards or achievements.

Yes, it happened that I was elected, or better, some of my photos have been elected by National Geographic throughout their worldwide Photo Contests , also in the Shot of the Day series, also by BBC Earth and BBC World Competitions. I feel very honored. Images have been chosen by SOS Kinderdörfer International and Schloss Vollrads Offene Weinkeller “Schloss Vollrads im Wandel der Jahreszeiten” Competition and more.

These winning shots are food for my passionate dedication to keep on working as focused as I am to keep on top of the technical developments, being not “only a photographer”, but better every day.

I cannot imagine anything more full-filling and challenging than being the personal photographer for the most important day of two wonderful people who have elected me to document it for them.

Whatever I do, I always give you all and just the very best.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Saskia Marloh

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