Kloster Eberbach – Monastery Eberbach – one of my all-time favourite locations in the Rheingau. Famous through the film “In the name of the Rose” with Sean Connery, that was filmed here, almost everybody should have an idea.

When you actually set foot inside the monastery, you feel the centuries of history around you. I find it incredible, thinking, that the same steps were walked on by monks, long before our time and I wonder what the walls have witnessed.

I love having weddings at the Kloster. It gives the certain edge to the photos. Whenever I get the opportunity to go and take photographs in the Basilika with my couples, it is indeed a fantastic moment. It is not difficult to create timeless portraits that are modern and historic at the same time.

I have too many photos, that I took here, that I love. Too many favourites.

Yet I would like to show you one, that stands out a little bit: as we went to have our bridal session in the church, that was exactly, when the choir for the Rheingau Musik Festival was rehearsing. No-one was allowed to go inside, and every one had to be quiet.

We – the couple and I – were permitted inside, under the notion, to not make any disturbing noises. So we tiptoed around and communicated with signs and a few whispers. We created some beautiful shots, while the whole church echoed the music.

The following photo was a split second capture in a ray of light, that came through the windows, my couple dancing to the beautiful music and as backdrop the rehearsing choir.


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