Weddings at Kloster | Monastery Eberbach

Weddings at Kloster | Monastery Eberbach

As wedding photographer at the historic abbey always fills me with awe.

The different parts of the ancient architecture offer countless perfect spots to photograph.

Some may know this place, as the movie “The name of the rose” was shot here. The debut film of author Umberto Eco, featuring Sean Connery as the Franciscan friar William of Baskerville. Kloster Eberbach was chosen out of all European monasteries.

Not only inside, but also the adjacent gardens offer plenty of spots for romantic wedding photos.

If your wedding takes place at a different location, not to worry: for a small fee, bridal couple, bridesmaids, photographer and assistant are allowed inside the basilica, the famous Kreuzgang and the monks Dormitorio.

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