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      Mongol Derby 2015

      Horses My wild childhood school of bareback riding and breaking horses never owned a saddle until I grew up, later a pair of certificates of  Monty Roberts´ “Intelligent horsemanship” & working in race yards in the UK, then polo training in Argentina, working with horses there, in the UK and Germany, as well as some endurance training in the Emirates.

      Argentina I left England with my husband to live in Argentina and was blown away: everywhere were horses roaming free and beautifully, there is so much space, so much landscape and such an immense sky, thunderstorms that make the worst European storms look like Kindergarden, nature so rough and brutal, to set the relation human – nature back into perspective.

      Walking across mountains made of million years old fossiles, picking up bern-stein gleaming in the sun with my child, skeletons of sea-stars unearthed by the elements, millions of millions of years old at the Peninsula Valdez in Argentina, dinosaur bones in central Argentina and  plants that survive in the driest of places on earth, shooting with altitude sickness in the Salar de Tara in corner between Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, chewing Coca leaves to take photographs of the last Chilean flamingos at 4300 m altitude in the Atacama desert, I climbed steep rock edges to take that one photo of the sunset across the volcanos surrounding the Atacama desert, and crawled back on all fours with a nightmare altitude vertigo, I sat under an umbrella shooting series of photos of a massive thunderstorms lightning at the coast of Brasil, to get just one perfect shot of that one lighting bolt, during New Years night.

      I almost froze my feet on horseback in the far South of Patagonia on a trekk to find a herd of roaming mustangs, that were left out to be shot dead by some mean creatures, frozen handed shot photos while leading the horse across beaver dams that blocked our way, and as the official photographer of the Mongol Derby 2015 raced 2 weeks in a 4×4 across the Mongolian steppe to cover each and every step of 40 riders on their respective 1200 horses along their 1000km horse race, one of the toughest worldwide … I could go on  …. please ask me when we meet. 🙂

      Back in Germany, and although I do like Europe, I am always ready to fly out and shoot some badass adrenaline drenched unplanned and unforeseeable crazy adventure ….

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