A ongoing photographic series that portraits strong women.

Every portrait image has its very own story, and captures much more than a face, but the essence of a personality.

From the 88 year old German descendant Dra. Laszewitsch in Salta / Argentina, that was terminally ill with cancer, that I met in the streets of Salta and after a chat she asked me to take a photo and send it to her; the female gaucha, I didnt ask her age, that I met at a fiesta gaucha in the pampas of Argentina – on her horse – ;the quiet girl in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile; my dearest friend from the UAE, that has disappeared 2 and a half years ago and I miss her every day; the talented singer in Offenbach; the dedicated endurance rider from Finland that I met in the UAE; the Swiss girl with a hand for one Arabian endurance horse; the beautiful dancer in her red dress in Fujeirah, that also became a female UAE endurance rider; a beautiful inside out friend that shared with me her pre-wedding, wedding, maternity, new-born and her childs 1st birthday and stood by my side in my roughest times; her amazing mother that resembles her sister; a big-hearted ***star cook, that always goes the extra mile, where nobody else would; her beautiful wild daughter; the amazing wife of my brother and mom to my one and only cute little niece in Montreal; smiling beautiful women in the steppes of Mongolia; the first woman to work with falcons in the UAE, a South African; the beautiful hotel owner in the Rheingau; the gorgeous red haired food specialist; the wild, mixed race girl, dedicated to beauty; the most talented Rheingau blogger that connects people without the slightest effort; the great woman that hosts other peoples events in the region; the member of a party that trusted me to photograph her for the election campaign in Wiesbaden 2018; the gorgeous Italian girl that loves wearing Boho style in front of the camera; the incredible crime book author Fenna Williams from Wiesbaden and founder of the “Murderous Sisters”;

and more are yet to come. 🙂

If you think you got what it takes to be part of the “Femmes Sauvajes” gallery, contact me.

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