What would you do if it was illegal to marry the person you loved most? If your parents didn´t allow you to marry the person you fell in love with?

Or if you just want to get married at a special place, just the two of you and no guests?

This is the story of my parents.

They were not allowed to get married by her parents. Since they were Dutch and didnt want her to marry a blond, blue-eyed German. So they travelled to England and married in secret without any witnesses.


They travelled a lot, and I inherited it in my blood.

They spent their lives together until they died.

Reijs & Marloh

Right now

elopements and micro-weddings are in fashion

and requests are sky rocketing.

I go with you anywhere you desire to capture your wedding! Your elopements pictures are just one phone call away

For local Rheingau elopements, micro-weddings and proposals I teamed up with Karin Schanné, wedding planner, that organises florals, wedding speaker, catering and anything else you might need.


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