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What would you do if it was illegal to marry the person you loved most? If your parents didn´t allow you to marry the person you fell in love with?

Or if you just want to get married at a special place, just the two of you and no guests?

This is the story of my parents.

Her parents did not allow her, to get married. Being Dutch, they did not want her to tie the knot with a blond, blue-eyed German.

So they both ran away to England and married in secret in without any witnesses.


Oh yes, and it does not matter how big the wedding is, to create ever lasting love.

They really did live happily ever after, with the obvious ups and downs and many adventures with us, the children.

They never stopped travelling until a very old age and shared profound interests, that they acquired from one another.

My mother loved the mountains, coming from the Netherlands, and with him at her side, she discovered the Alpes.

My Dad loved the sea, being brought up in Switzerland, and side by side they discovered the sea.

Endless more details, that make their love unique.

My parents spent their whole lives together, until they died.


As your love too is


If you are curious about elopements and micro-weddings, the newly set trends in the wedding scene, then read on and find out what I can do for you.

I offer special, stress-free elopement wedding packages, that let you concentrate on the most important thing: your love, while I take care of the necessary essentials, and plan your day for you.


Elopements and micro-weddings

are the trend.

As I live in this beautiful region – the Rheingau – near the river Rhine. A region where others spend their holidays.

From the Unesco heritage, the Middle Rhine Valley, with its magic medieval castles to the historic churches and monasteries, framed by endless vineyards, forests and beautiful views on the river valley.


me to organise your day – absolutely stress-free – to have an unforgettable wedding. I teamed up with an amazing wedding planner, a bilingual wedding officiant, videographer, floral designer and individual catering by local vineries.

Call me to consult and I send you the packages or lay out an idea, that you both will love.

Your elopements pictures are just one phone call away.


Get inspired in my recent gallery.


“ein Riesen


an dich”

Liebe Saskia,

Erst einmal ein Riesen WOW an dich!!! Du warst so wunderbar unauffällig und dezent und wir fragen uns bei so vielen Bildern, wie du es geschafft hast, dass wir dich nicht bemerkt haben.

Die Bilder sind wirklich unglaublich schön geworden und wir freuen uns riesig, diesen wunderbaren Tag so noch ganz oft erleben zu können.

Tausend Dank dir für alles und ganz ganz liebe Grüße,

- Verena & Jakob


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